If you are trying to sell or have something appraised

John Buxton is a certified appraiser from the International Society ofAppraisers with 26 years experience in the field, He is qualified to authenticate and appraise African, Precolumbian, Oceanic, and American Indian art. Buxton has been the primary appraiser of African, Oceanic, and Precolumbian art on the PBS top rated show,Antiques Roadshow since its inception in 1996. Buxton's fee is $200 per hour with a minimum fee of $75 for a verbal evaluation of three pieces or less. Fee schedules beyond basic services may change depending on the nature of the assignment.If you think I might be of service please contact me with the complete history of the piece/pieces, the dimensions, and any repairs the piece may have. Should you want to contact another appraiser ISA's web page at http://www.isa-appraisers.org/ is a good place to start. If you have anyquestions, please feel free to contact me by email.

If you need additional references or background information prior to using my services, a Professional Profile and complete Fee Schedule will be provided on request. You may find some of the same information on my website http://www.arttrak.com/ under appraisers and my appraisal company BAACS.

If on the other hand, you are trying to offer me an object within my areas of interest, please send me a photograph with dimensions either by email or snail mail at 6717 Spring Valley Road, Dallas, TX 75254. If you do not know your asking price and you do not want an appraisal, please contact someone else. I will not appraise and then either purchase an object or take it on consignment.

I do not appraise, buy or sell objects out of my area. For other areas please search for an appraiser on the ISA website or contact 1-888-472-4732. You are also welcome to contact the Antiques Roadshow website at www.pbs.org/antiques or my website at http://www.arttrak.com/

John A. Buxton, ISA SCAPP