Masterpieces for Kansas City -

Morton and Estelle Sosland have given a significant portion of their American Indian Collection to the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City. The bulk of this collection is Northwest Coast; however, the Soslands also included several magnificent horn bowls from the Wishram of the Columbia River area (Washington/Oregon), the wooden Chugach bowl masterpiece, and a magnificent Maria plate. I did the appraisal on this collection and can personally attest that this gift is unprecedented in the history of the museum. The curator , Gaylord Torrence, completed the installation whose opening was celebrated recently during festivities at the museum.

The Nelson Atkins American Indian collection will not overtake the major collections that were built for a few museums at the turn of the century: however, I think I can speak for more than a few interested parties when I say that I would rather be in Kansas City than on the mall in Washington D.C.. If you love American Indian, KC is now a must visit and we should all be grateful to the Soslands for their generosity.