Need Appraisal, Authentication, or Expert Witness?

John Buxton graduated in 1968 from Tulane University, then spent five years in the Navy during which time he traveled extensively throughout Africa, Indian, Pakistan, Iran, and the Middle East. Buxton served as personal aide to Commander Middle East Forces, Vice Admiral Duke Bayne. In 1974 he established The Bahraini Chest, an import shop in Dallas,

Texas. Two years later he opened Shango Galleries, dealing in African, Pre-Columbian, Oceanic, and American Indian art. In 1990 he created the computer database, Auction Trak, for the appraisal, research, evaluation, and authentication of tribal art sold at auction in Europe and the United States. A year later Buxton founded and incorporated ArtTrak, an art services computer network. In 1996 he started Buxton, Appraisal Authentication and Consulting Services (BAACS). Mr. Buxton is a Certified Appraiser of Personal Property with the International Society of Appraisers, which is one of the largest personal property appraisal organizations in the United States. Mr. Buxton is the only appraiser currently within the organization and one of four appraisers nationally to qualify with a specialty in African art. Mr. Buxton is a past national director for the International Society of Appraisers. Expert witness, appraisal review, purchase consultation and collection management are among some of the services offered by his company. In 2012 Buxton completed and passed all USPAP requirements. Since 1974, Mr. Buxton has performed auction bidding for museums and collectors, and appraised, authenticated, and evaluated tribal art for private and institutional clients. Mr. Buxton has been an appraiser with ANTIQUES ROADSHOW since its first season in 1997.

John Buxton has been in the antiques and appraisal business for almost 40 years. Having completed 18 years as an appraiser of African, Pre-Columbian, American Indian, and Oceanic art on Antiques Roadshow, Buxton is looking forward to begin taping Season 19 in June. In addition to his expertise in tribal art, John also has served as an expert witness and a consultant for both appraisal review and deposition preparation. His counsel has been sought by museums as early as this past March when he was asked to fly to Paris to review the Barbier Mueller Pre-Columbian collection. Buxton and his friend Jim Cook at the request of the late Ray Wielgus were solely responsible for vetting the competing institutions for the donation of the sought after Wielgus embellished gun collection. Among his unique appraisals Buxton appraised Lucy, the famous hominid found by Don Johanson in Ethiopia in 1974. Rather than now seeing the end of his career this appraiser is looking for new ways to assist his clients.