My Word Christmas 2017

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Another year has slipped by; however, this is one that few of us will forget for some time. And it seemed that we packed enough in the last three months to  make up for a slow start.  In this issue we have covered Christies Da Vinci and the Saudi buyer. We have also put together  an analysis of Christies Hawaiian figure which sold for 7.5 million dollars. It appears that they did not do their homework in authenticating this object. We just learned that Christies in getting back into the Pre-Columbian business.. from Paris. We will certainly cover this to determine if this is a long term  commitment or a one off. Many in the ethnographic art world are stunned at France's President Macron;s statement that African art in France should be repatriated. The naivete behind this politically inspired statement is staggering and will certainly impact the markets.

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There is much more brewing that we will reveal in the coming issues. In the interim best wishes  to you and your family for a great holiday season. JB