My Word Spring/Summer 2017


We were forced to compress our Spring and Summer newsletter into one issue. With the ongoing renovation to the website, Roadshow stops in Harrisburg, St. Louis, New Orleans, and Green Bay, and the beginning stages of cataloging another major African collection for a Spring auction, it has been busy.  We still have scheduled Roadshows in Portland this weekend and Newport Rhode Island in September; however, we are looking forward to the fall.

As you will note the auctions have been strong in 2017. Sothebys has scheduled in the fall the Silver collection of tribal art valued at more than 10 million. This will be a sale that we shall follow carefully.

While we are seeing some optimism with good business numbers, significant business death tax relief could send the market higher and drive more money into art. At least we hope.

We are all very excited about the new website. The galleries work better enabling us to reach more people in the US and Europe. There will be a number of new additions as we get into the fall. Again we encourage you to give us feedback.. good or bad so that we can make the site better.

You can subscribe to the free newsletter or follow us on our social media platforms all from the new website. JB