My Word 2018

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This year has started busier than any year in my memory. Work continues for the Allan Stone sale in October. We will soon feature highlights in the newsletter. We also are collaborating on an auction series called Curious and Curiouser with Rago auctions in Lambertville. This sale will encompass everything from self taught  and outsider art to medical curiosities, natural history, and fabulous early automatons. This has been fun to work on. The first in the series was  a very successful sale Rago held last year under the same name. We also are collaborating with Quinns auction in Lambertville which is planning three auctions for ethnographic and folk art.

This issue of the newsletter has been  challenging sorting out all the interesting stories that we thought you might be interested in following. Certainly among the biggest is funding for NEA, NEH, and PBS which concerns me greatly. I believe the moronic move at the very least gave the President a rationale to be real force against the arts. Obviously this President has not shown much sensitivity in this area, but the golden toilet certainly haqsn't helped the situation.

Kim Kasten (Kolker) has departed the gallery after 12 years to start her own business Kim K Art and Design LLC and to focus on her art art. Kim is a highly competent appraiser having attained the highest CAPP (Certified Appraiser of Personal Property) credentials with the International Society of Appraisers. We wish Kim well and know she will be successful in her new venture.

Our new website ( is attracting a great deal of attention as is our free online resource for research on Southwest Pueblo Pottery. Thank you for your support.

I am about to start my 23rd years on Antique Roadshow  which now tapes in April, May, and June. So for the first time in over two decades I will see most of you in Santa Fe where I will be from August 8th to the 19th. promoting the Allan Stone sale.

This easily could be the best year we have had since opening our doors in Dallas in 1974. We appreciate your support and comments both positive and negative. JB