Allen Stone Sale Spring 2018

Tribal art from the renowned collection of Allan Stone to be sold at Rago

Stone sale Fiji.jpg

LAMBERTVILLE, NJ.- Rago Auctions announced a sale of Tribal Arts from the Collection of Allan Stone to be held on Friday, October 19, 2018. Vetted and catalogued by John Buxton, the sale encompasses 300+ lots, mostly African in origin, but also Oceanic, Asian, North and South American. Selected property from various other owners is also included. The catalog will be available in print and online in early September. Exhibition begins on October 13. Bidding by phone, left bid, in-room and online.
This sale exemplifies Rago's commitment to serving not only dedicated collectors, but also sophisticated buyers of fine art and design. Our international clientele mixes contemporary and classic, ancient and modern in their homes and offices, and values tribal works as both material culture and sculptural objects.
"It's always a privilege to offer artworks from the Collection of Allan Stone. Stone was one of the great collectors of the 20th century. Tribal arts was one of his passions." said David Rago, "This sale continues a long and successful relationship, with Rago representing property from Stone’s collection across multiple categories. We're eager to bring this sale to market."
Among the sale's highlights: The Flores Island couple featured as the frontispiece in The Eloquent Dead: Ancestral Sculpture of Indonesia and Southeast Asia; a well-known Fiji Island figure with provenance to the James Hooper Collection, along with other important artifacts from Melanesia and Polynesia; many fine objects from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, notable among them a Kongo nail fetish collected between 1907 and 1909 and an important Songe kifwebe mask; a Royal Bamileke sculpture; a fine Lobala drum; and an important Igbo totemic Ikenga post.
Over the course of 50 years, the eminent art dealer and collector Allan Stone amassed an art collection unrivaled in diversity and depth. A self-proclaimed ‘art-junkie’, Stone was neither influenced by money nor swayed by opinion in the pursuit of art. He collected work that spoke to him. Stone was an early supporter and recognized authority on Abstract Expressionism, but this was hardly his only focus; Stone’s tastes were famously wide-ranging. He was equally drawn to photorealism, junk sculpture, tribal and folk art and Americana as well as Bugatti automobiles - all of which he exhibited in his gallery.

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