My Word Summer 2018

My Word Summer 2018

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On July 6th we marked the passing of Barbara Blackmun, a friend and a major force in African art scholarship. Barbara was an an elegant and gentle lady that successfully broke down barriers to make an important contribution to the study of African art in general and Benin ivory in particular. An obit is included in this issue. Barbara you will be missed. 

As many of you know Antiques Roadshow moved this past season (Number 23) from conventuion centers to historic locations. While it is a great deal more work for the crew, staff,and apprasiers the new venues have provided an exciting and somewhat adventurous quality to the shows. Every venue is different and each has their own unique challenges. We taped these shows in April, May, and mid June and visited Sarasota, Tulsa, Louisville, San Diego and Rochester Michigan. As we learn hope to adapt better to our new challenges, I am sure the show will evolve further. Regardless I am sure it will continue you to be an adventure for all involved.

Since last September the great staff at Rago auctions and I have been working on the Alan Stone catalog for the October 19th sale in Lambertsville, New Jersey. The majority of the sale is  African; however there are also some very interesting Pre-Columbian, American Indian, Oceanic, and Indonesian objects that Alan acquired over the years. See the article in this issue of the newsletter

We have a number of other sales that will be scheduled in the next six months both with Matt Quinn and David Rago. In this regard we have started a new section of the blog and newsletter providing a wish list of the objects we are looking for at the request of friends and clients. This has evolved in conjunction with our auction activities where more clients are seeking us out to find a market for their objects. Let us know... we should be able to help either find objects you are seeking or to find buyers for objects you are selling. 

Finally within the next four months we should see our first outsider art/folk art auction at Quinns auction house in Falls Church, Virginia. In addition we are participating in the latest sale of the very successful Curious and Curiouser auctions scheduled at Ragoarts before the end of the year..