My Word. Fall 2018

My word Fall 2018

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After one year of work, the auction on October 19th of the Alan Stone tribal collection is finally here. I will be at Rago's in Lambertsville NJ from October 12th to the 20th for tours and a lecture on the 17th. Hope to see some of you there. Although I never met Allan, I feel that the last 12 months have given me a respect and fondness for him that I will remember for years to come. I encourage you to go on YouTube and view the video The Collector put together by his daughter Olympia Stone was a gigantic personality that left his mark on the art world in the last half of the twentieth century. See more segments in this issue. The catalog is online at

We are delighted to welcome Ana Norman who is a senior at the University of Dallas majoring in Art History with a concentration in Studio Art. Ana is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Italy which has given her a slightly different perspective of her fellow students. Ana is a great student and enthusiastic intern that will bring a lot to the gallery. Ana and Emily will be with us until next semester.

So not much is slowing down in the coming months as we move into the holiday season and continue the re-organization of our priorities. There are several exciting projects coming up to include some major damage claim assignments, auction cataloging projects, and expansion of our social media engagement and newsletter.

Please also continue to follow our government’s continued intrusion into the art and antiques world. Reasonable people can reasonably disagree on solutions for complicated problems, however, we all need to continue to be informed. Again I strongly encourage following which has been expanding and upgrading their newsletter which I consider the single most important source of current information on cultural property.

It will be a great Fall.