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Binoche & Giquello to offer 43 miniature sculptures from the collection of Béatrice and Patrick Caput

PARIS.- Key figures on the African and Oceanic art scene, Béatrice and Patrick are offering their collection at auction. 43 precious miniature sculptures will be offered by auction house Binoche & Giquello at Drouot on Thurdsay 15 November.

Patrick Caput, international consultant and expert for African and Oceanic arts and his wife Béatrice have built their collection with passion for 50 years. All types of miniature artefacts will be featured, from daily objects to precious and fetish works of art.

Béatrice and Patrick Caput had very specific criteria when selecting an item to join their collection. It had to be ancient, to have had a story and then only, it had to reveal an emotion, either when touching the wood or just when admiring the beauty of the sculpture.

Patrick Caput is the son of a doctor who also had a passion for painting, poetry and collecting -mainly Chinese art-, and of a mother whose family had long lived in India. Patrick Caput has grown up in a family who had an open-mind towards foreign cultures. The young man started collecting very early, first focusing on Indian, Iranian and Chinese bronzes. He soon realised, however, that a collector must focus on a specific category. From then, he chose African and Oceanic arts, to later become one of the finest connoisseurs of these civilisations and their artistic production.

At 18 years old, Patrick Caput met some of the greatest collectors of the Parisian scene –the Ratton brothers, René Rasmussen, Robert Duperrier– with whom he sharpend his knowledge and eye. The galleries of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Brussels and New York are the main places where he looked for precious works.

As head of department in a multinational company for 15 years, Caput lived in Africa several times. His numerous travels have allowed him to understand and appreciate some of the continent’s traditional cultures.

“During [his] stays in Paris, [Patrick Caput] would often visit the galleries in Saint-Germain. [He] was always discerning in [his] purchases and sometimes very brave with Béatrice giving her blessing. [He] knew everything there was to know about African, Oceanic and Indonesian art”. Alain de Monbrison, close friend and African and Oceanic art dealer.

A tireless and thorough collector, Patrick Caput left his international career during the 2000s to participate in building Sotheby’s’ African and Oceanic art department in Paris. He is now an independent expert.

On 15 November, Patrick and Béatrice Caput will offer the part of their collection dedicated to miniatures. This decision results from a strong belief of the collectors: a collection must live and continue to be renewed.


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Morphy to auction pieces of history from iconic O'Connor Collection

DENVER, PA.- Morphy Auctions announced today its offering of the historic O’Connor Americana Collection on September 26 in Denver, PA.

Over 70 years in the making, Walter J. O’Connor’s collection of historic artifacts and documents is comprised of items ranging from hand-drawn maps from the Revolutionary War, to letters signed by George Washington, and the world’s finest collection of 18th and 19th century engraved powder horns dating back to the French and Indian War and American Revolution. With O’Connor’s complete collection available, historians worldwide will have the opportunity to own a piece of history and expand their collections. With over 200 lots available, highlights of the O’Connor Americana Auction include:

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1759 Engraved Powder Horn of Elijah Sharp, Fort Edward, “Defiance to the Proud French”

● Two of Five Known Powder Horns by John Bush

● 1763 Master Carver Attributed Powder Horn of Thomas Hooton

● Archibald Montgomerie’s Pair of Fine English Silver Mounted Flintlock Pistols from 1760

● Brass Revolutionary War Continental “USA” Button Mold

● George Washington’s 1770 Table of the Ohio River from Fort Pitt

“If it weren't for historians and collectors like Walter O’Connor, we wouldn’t have access to national treasures that tell us so much about our history,” says Dan Morphy, President of Morphy Auctions. “We are honored to share O’Connor’s knowledge of the past by offering his complete collection with historians worldwide.”

In addition to historic artifacts, O’Connor’s collection contains memorabilia from films portraying iconic times in America, including the pistol used in the western film, “Shane” and rifles for Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone.

O’Connor’s Americana Auction will begin promptly at 10 a.m. EST on September 26 and take place at Morphy’s Denver, PA gallery located at 2000 North Reading Road. For historians and collectors interested in surveying O’Connor’s collection prior to the live auction date, Morphy will hold an extended preview on September 25 until 7:00 p.m.

Morphy Auctions offers live, absentee, phone, and online bidding with no additional surcharges from third party bidding sites. All lots to be offered at the O’Connor Americana Auction are on display and available for preview in Morphy’s Denver, PA auction gallery.


Lot 43. Estimate 30,000-40,000

Lot 43. Estimate 30,000-40,000


Sale 16418 Arts d'Afrique d'Océanie et d'Amérique

Paris 30 October

9 Avenue Matignon

30 Oct,4:30pm


24 Oct, 10am - 6pm

25 Oct, 10am - 6pm

26 Oct, 10am - 6pm

27 Oct, 10am - 6pm

29 Oct, 10am - 6pm



Arts d'Afrique et d'Océanie

12 December 2018 | 4:00 PM CET | Paris

Sotheby’s Paris is pleased to announce the next dedicated sale of important African and Oceanic artworks from various collections. The sale will take place in Paris on 12nd December. Each work, whether unpublished or well known, has been carefully selected to celebrate the infinite richness of styles and the tremendous artistic genius of the anonymous sculptors from these regions who so deeply influenced 20thcentury artists.

From Papua New Guinea to Polynesia, from Côte d’Ivoire to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the artworks in this group, each chosen for their remarkable artistic qualities, will emphasize the ravishing and creative interpretation of the artist, their impressive sculptural achievements and their eloquent aesthetic sensibility. Each lot will form a dialogue between strength and sensitivity, stylistic archaism and innovation, and individual genius and the influence of traditional canons.


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One of the world's rarest Chinese paintings to lead Christie's sale in Hong Kong

HONG KONG.- Christie’s will offer one of the world’s rarest Chinese paintings by Su Shi (1037-1101) – the pre-eminent scholar of the Song Dynasty and one of the most important figures in Chinese history.

The painting, Wood and Rock, will lead Christie’s Hong Kong Autumn Sale 2018. This is an ink-on-paper scroll which depicts withered tree branches standing dignified alongside a curiously-shaped rock, resembling, as one renowned critic put it, giant creatures and dragons appearing and disappearing from stormy seas.

An esteemed scholar, writer, poet, painter, calligrapher and statesman, Su Shi was unparalleled amongst the Song literati. His artistic accomplishments, coupled with his repeated exiles in later life, made him one of the best-known literary and political figures in Chinese history.

Given the preeminence of the artist and the extreme rarity of his paintings, Wood and Rock is set to become one of the most important works ever auctioned in world history.

The painting is part of an extended scroll which is complemented with calligraphy by Mi Fu – a renowned painter and calligrapher and a contemporary of Su Shi. Both Su Shi and Mi Fu are amongst the four most celebrated calligraphy masters of the Song period.


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2018 November 16 Ethnographic Art : American Indian, Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art Signature Auction - Dallas #5382

Full Preview

November 14-15, 2018

Heritage Auctions - Design District Showroom

1518 Slocum Street

Dallas, TX 75207

Lot 314 Estimated 75,000-90,000


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