My Word Winter 2019

In reviewing all that was included in this issue of the Newsletter it became apparent that we could not reference all that we found that we believe will be of interest to you. For that reason I recommend that you go the blog on and just skim for topics that may be important to you. Ouyr thanks to our intern Ana Norman who did a great compiling all these articles.

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We are all saddened by the loss of Chris Roy who was not only a close friend by an important scholar that I could always count on for a thoughtful opinion. Because Burkina Faso was his beginning and ending of most of what he did, people tend to incorrectly limit his scholarship to this one country. Chris and I served as expert witnesses on an African art case completely unrelated to Burkina Faso. Chris was a respected teacher, scholar, and most importantly a mentor to those who looked to him for guidance. Chris was a great family man and loyal friend. Whether it was sitting in the dirt in West Africa, a classroom in Iowa, or around his dining room table, Chris understood the importance of dialogue… which requires listening and then speaking and always respecting the opinions of others. That among other things is what makes a great man a terrific loss when he leaves.

There is some great information here about Macron’s efforts to repatriate African art and the resistance he is finally getting from the French art community. We have included some segments from the IRS on charitable donations. and also provided a followup on the FBI Miller case in Indianapolis. Over a year ago we wrote an article about a Hawaiian figure that sold at Christies for 7.5 million dollars. It was and is our belief that Christies did not properly authenticate this object. Recently the New York Times agreed with us and we have provided that information as an update.

Next month we begin Season 24 on Antiques Roadshow which stuns the remaining twenty or so appraisers that began the journey with me in the summer of 1996. All I can say at this point is that PBS wants me to participate, I am in for the foreseeable future,, whatever that may be.

As always we value your thoughts both for and against.. and we will publish most of the clean ones. JB

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