Humble Thank You and Farewell!

As a senior at the University of Dallas, I have taken so many art history courses on ancient and European art that I did not think I could cram anything else into my tiny brain. However, within the first thirty seconds of setting foot in Shango, I knew this experience would exceed any I had in a classroom. Hundreds of ethnographic pieces and thousands of books lined the walls from top to bottom, accompanied by shelves and shelves of auction catalogs. My first task was to get to know where everything was in the library and to organize the ominous piles of auction catalogs. At the end of the day, my first day jitters had subsided, I figured out the way the library was sorted and I successfully befriended Mr. Buxton’s two dogs.

My daily responsibilities consisted of research for the newsletter, museum and client visits, photography, and auction cataloging. Through updating the quarterly newsletter, I learned how fast paced the art industry is – everyday, a new headline, emerging artist or discovery. I was faced with challenging news of corrupt art sales which opened my eyes and allowed me to understand how the “Art World” works. I also learned some tidbits of authentication knowledge while here at Shango.

My plans after Shango? Well, I’m moving back to Austin, Texas, to ponder why I spent $200,000 on a degree in printmaking…kidding! (only partially)

Right now, my plan is to graduate on the 19th, find a job, and hopefully, in the future, apply to an MFA program. In my time here, John has been a huge supporter of my studio work and continues to encourage me to build my portfolio and network as much as I can. This internship has been a consistent highlight of my weekly routine and has laid down a foundation of knowledge, on which I can build upon in the future. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to Mr. Buxton for taking me on as an intern and will cherish the memories I have of Shango forever.

Thank you!

Molly McNab