My Word Spring 2019

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Now in mid May we have taped two Roadshows - one in the Botanical Gardens in Scottsdale and the other at the McNay Museum in San Antonio. Both were very different and transitioning from pollen, dust and one rattlesnake sighting to a beautiful Spanish Colonial-Revival house converted to world class venue for some extraordinary art was an adventure. Both venues will be beautiful in their own way. Now we set our sights on the Crocker Museum and Sacramento which we visit in a week. .

This week we shall see out two interns Molly McNab and Ana Norman graduate and mover on to new challenges. At this point Ana will attend the Masters Program in Art History at Southern Methodist University. We thank both for their efforts in general and the newsletter in particular. In the next newsletter we will introduce our summer interns, Anna Sammons and Mary Hellerman.

In our Bits and Pieces we have noted the passing at 93 of Morton Sosland who was an important art collector in Kansas City and major supporter and benefactor of the Nelson Atkins. in the 190’s I sold him African; however, in tribal art he was know for his collection of superb Native American works donated to the museum. Having appraised this collection for this donation I came to know and respect Mr. Sosland as a tough advocate. I learned very quickly why he was so successful in business.

In this newsletter we have emphasized repatriation which is a very complicated issue that has been made far more difficult with unrelated political agendas. As a short cut you might note the You Tube segments we have located that do a fair job in summarizing the various arguments for and against.

The Salvator Mundi and the Hawaiian figure controversies continue and were included in this issue. We have noted that Millenniels are actually spending money for art, new excavations contiune under the Temple of the Moon at Teotihuacan, and we learn more about the back story of how the Temple of Dendur wound up at the Met instead of the Smithsonian. There is so much material in this issue that we were unable to include it all in the Newsletter. We invite you to browse the blog at JB