My Word Summer 2019

JB initials.jpg

Losing Chris Roy and then John Lunsford within a few months makes this a memorable but very difficult summer. My mentors were Robert Plant Armstrong, a professor and collector at Univeristy of Texas at Dallas, Ray Wielgus, a collector from Tucson, Roy Sieber, a Professor and noted African scholar from Indiana University at Bloomington, and John Lunsford, who was the first Africani scholar and curator that took an interest in me. . All now reside in the spirit world. To devote this issue in large part to John Lunsford in celebration of his life and friends is an appropriate send off for this great friend. John Lunsford was not only an important figure in the history of art in Dallas but he was also a major influence in the appreciation and understanding of art for those he touched and mentored.

In lieu of flowers, please consider contributions in John’s honor to the National Audubon Society and to Friends of the South Dallas Cultural Center.

There is an important interview in this issue done by with the new curator at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Endy C. Ezeluomba. Endy is a Nigerian born Africanist that represents a new direction in the study of African art. There are fewer young scholars that want to spend years in the filed working towards their PhD instead opting for contemporary African art. While this is certainly important Endy provides a unique perspective that provides context for scholarship in the future. I am sorry John Lunsford never saw this interview for he would have been fascinated.. Thank you to the folks at imodara,com for doing this.