Links & Resources

The links in this section are primarily non-profit organizations that have websites that I think would be of interest to you. I have occasionally included a dealer that is doing something special as well. If you have some ideas of sites that you think we should include, please email us at


Bayly Art Museum, University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA.

African art - images with descriptions and functions of the objects.

Peabody Museum

Tribal art from the Peabody Museum at Harvard with some online exhibitions and images.

Worcester Art Museum

Pre-Columbian art from the Worcester Art Museum's collection.

Art Museum Network

Official site for American museums and their upcoming exhibitions.

University of Iowa Museum of Art

African Art Collection

Nelson-Atkins Museum

All collections at the Nelson-Atkins Museum

American Indian collection at the Nelson-Atkins Museum

St. Louis Art Museum

Featuring Oceanic collection largely acquired by Buster May of May Department stores.

Fowler Museum

Digital collection search at the Fowler Museum in LA

University of Michigan

Collections of the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology

Bruno Claessens' Museum Database

A listing of online databases of museums with African art in their collections


Historic Pottery Database

Contains 1,830 ceramics dating from the 18th century to the mid-20th century from 7 major museum collections in the United States. These objects will be accessible online without charge. The museum collections are The Arizona State Museum, Tucson Arizona; Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio; Taylor Museum of Art, Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs; Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa; Museum of the Red River, Idabel; Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee; Logan Art Museum, Beloit.

Rare Collections

The most important site on the internet for the scientific testing of objects.

Art & Life in Africa Project, University of Iowa

Including Chris Roy’s CD ROM on African art, a must see for any African collector, student or scholar

Maurer's Divination Collection

Fascinating website with text by noted African scholar John Pemberton discussing the Central African divination collection from the late Barry D. Maurer.

Stanford University Library

African Collections at Stanford University

Collection of maps of Africa

David Norden's African art site

A commercial site, but very informative.

Time Maps

Maps of Africa over time

Resources for archaeology on, and archaeology for beginners.

Inuit Art of Canada

Website commissioned by Canadian government to promote Inuit art.

ATADA Theft Alert

Stolen Native American Indian art published by the Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association.


Tribal Arts Magazine

The site for Tribal Arts magazine is superb and worth a bookmark for anyone interested in Tribal arts.

Archeology Magazine

Archaeology magazine's website with images and text related to the Pre-Columbian world. Superb site with reference material that will be of use.

American Indian Art Magazine

No longer in print, but the website remains and sells back issues.



Latest information and images on Pre-columbian finds and research in Mesoamerica.

Pre-Columbian Archaeology Links

Pre-Columbian art sites and information from Yale University.


The Oceanic collections in the French public collections

Interesting site cataloging Oceanic art in French collections.